Alison Rey Learns New Games At Sleepover Party


Alison Rey


Alison just came from a sleepover with her friends. She learned few things during the time she’s out and now, she’s confident that her step daddy will be proud. She confesses about how she and her friend sucked a cock together during their sleep over. Alison in her two-piece clothing with kitty ears for accessories was on her bed. Slowly, she crawls towards her step-daddy who's standing at the edge of the bed. She reaches out for his dick and feels it before taking it into her mouth. While on all fours, she licks his shaft towards the tip of his cock. Alison stands up showing her petite figure to the camera. She takes off her top, and shows her boobs, seemingly waiting to be caressed. She removes her panties next and lets her step daddy take a closer look. When her stepdad's hands reached for her ass, she could only wish for more. Her stepdad lies down on the bed. With her leaning over his crotch, she took his cock down her mouth and eventually put it inside her pussy like she’s been asking for it for a long time. She went from light fucking to riding like a rodeo. She even rubs her clit while enjoying every moment his ok moves inside her. Alison gives him another blowjob before she decided to change it up a little and going on all fours. She wants to be taken from behind to which he obliged. Her back arches to make her butt a little bigger. Her stapdaddy enters her pussy with pleasure and fucks her brains out. The third round for blow time except this time, she now goes for the nuts too. Her head is between his thighs while she tries her best to give the family jewels a great time. As the end nears, Alison gave the him a simple hand job to let him finish. He covered Alison’s tits with his blessing.


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