Alix Lynx's Dirty Sexting Leads To Dirty Sex


Alix Lynx


Secrets getting revealed can be pretty dirty especially if it’s your dirty acts that get caught. Alix Lynx’s step father found out about her nasty acts through Twitter and confronts her about them. The argument gets hotter by the second. Alix’s photos showing her with cock in her mouth earned a spicy comment from her stepdad who accused her of acting like a whore. Alix tries to defend herself and eventually lets out her secret. She’s taken the role of being a little slut around town to support herself. It pays well and she likes it. That could have been the end of discussion until her stepdad asked if her mother knows what she’s doing. She pleads him not to tell her mom anything, but got surprised when she figured her stepdad’s sexually aroused. Apparently, he’s had a boner while looking at Alix’s porn stuff, and much to her disgust, he tells her to do to him what he does to the boys on the photo. He shows his already hard cock to her and threatened to call her mom if she doesn’t please him. Taking the threat seriously, she hesitantly gives him a blowjob. The blonde porn star takes her top off and shows her big tits to her stepdad. Next off were her short pant and her undies then she goes back to sucking his cock. Finally succumbing to her urges, she acted like the nice little slut that she already is and gives his stepdad’s dick a sweet ride. Alix knows what they’re doing is wrong, but the feeling is right, so no longer resisting, she follows everything her stepdad tells her to do. The blonde slut now takes on the role of being a good step-daughter and that includes giving a nice blowjob. She goes down on her stepdad’s crotch, takes his cock by the hand and starts licking it. She turns her back on him and guides his dick into her shaved, tight pussy. Alix’s stepfather revealed his secret too. He’s been fantasizing of fucking his stepdaughter for quite a while now. He asked her to bend over the couch and fucks her from behind. She loves the way his cock moves inside her cunt and begs him to push even harder. She got on her back, spread her legs and get fucked once more. When he was about to cum, she knelt before him, sucks his cock then jerks it off and lets his seeds rain on her body.


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