Dakota Skye Is In A Lot Of Trouble


Dakota Skye is known for being petite and also for her small tits, but having the most things she’s okay in doing. Being grounded by her step father is out of the question. She has done bad and nothing to show for it. Punishment is due but her skimpy dress is not helping at all. It needs to be done but she went straight for her step daddy’s big dick. He can’t stop her from sucking the reason out of him so he just went with the flow. She licked the whole shaft like she actually owns the thing. She even made sure that every corner of his crotch is licked clean. His nuts didn’t get exempted for Dakota’s tender, loving blowjob. But then again, it’s never enough to stay at this position. Dakota grabs the fat dick and just shoved it right into her tight pussy. Her petite body just takes all of it with no shame. She bounces around to give her step daddy the best thing she can offer. She rode that cock and occasionally puts it in her mouth. This goes on for a while but the fun didn’t stop there. Dakota bends over to give her step daddy another point of view of her pussy. And by all means, he took care of it. The blonde all-natural beauty flips her body for a new agenda. She is now ready to take it in the ass. Her aggressiveness with his dick and her cute moans became the recipe for his step daddy’s satisfaction. Step daddy is nearing his end. It’s the harvest season. She jacks the dick of to gather his cum. He dumps his load into her mouth which she receives with her tongue out. It didn’t actually end there. They went to the shower to give Dakota a shower. Her stepdaddy cleans her off in the most degrading and humiliating way young Dakota can imagine.


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