Charlotte Cross Is Not Leaving The House Dressed Like That


Charlotte Cross


Charlotte Cross’ stepdad is quite tolerant about her behavior but still, there’s a line that she shouldn’t cross. Charlotte is about to go on a date and her outfit is quite revealing. Revealing is actually an understatement here. Her outfit of the day consists of visible tits and butt cheeks in a very tight booty short. Step dad, obviously, becomes so mad about her choices fashion. But overtime, a different kind of madness took over him. Her Step Father drags Charlotte into his bedroom. He scolds the young girl and proceeds to punish her. Charlotte Cross is dropped to her knees and told to suck off her Step Dad. She obeys every command. This is not the first time she has been punished like this. Charlotte knows what to do, and doesn't hesitate. She slurps up and down on his big dick, getting it sloppy wet. Charlotte Cross knows what is next. She is going to use her tight pussy to jerk off the man. She spreads her legs and shows off her bush and tight cunt. Charlotte then rides her Step Dad's dick hard. She bounces up and down while talking dirty. Begging him for more and more, Charlotte bends over to take the dick from behind. She is spanked and fucked hard while begging for more. This dirty talking brunette loves to be used up and abused. Her tight pussy feels taken and destroyed. Her big natural tits bounce as she gets pounded hard and deep. This dirty Step Daughter is all fucked out for the day. She lays back and opens her legs while her Step Daddy takes advantage of her pussy one last time. He pulls out and sprays her hairy bush down with cum, leaving just a big inside her young hole for a surprise creampie. Charlotte still wants to go on her date. Now she can spend time with her boyfriend while knowing she is really her Step Daddy's cum dumpster.


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