Gina Valentina Is Curious About Cock


Gina Valentina


If you’re trying to fix your life, you really don’t want anything bad from your past to be brought up again in the present. It’s really infuriating and reminds you of your bad decisions, like the stepdad here. His stepdaughter, Gina Valentina, discovered the cock mold he made. With this, Gina discovered how much her stepdad is packing. At the same time, she wants a taste of it. Mom is away. She thought that this is a good chance to have it in her pleasure holes to get off. Stepdad might have needed some convincing for Gina to taste it but eventually, he gave in. Gina pulls out his fat dick from his shorts and starts actually tasting the thing by having the whole thing into her mouth. She gorged on it like she’s been waiting for it for her whole life. She then shows her stepdad something awesome. She slowly undresses, revealing some nice cunt and ass from her. Gina then takes it all off and proceeds to take the dick from below. Stepdad lies down and let her do the job. Gina went at it for a while in this position and eventually slightly changing her position. Gina faces the other way and lets stepdad have a look at her ass while he goes on with the fucking. After a while, she gets off and made stepdad continue the pounding. Gina goes on all fours and lets stepdad continue fucking her hard from behind. They went at it for a while until she flips over. Gina wanted to show stepdad her nice tits before everything ends. When that end actually came, stepdad made Gina kneel down and have her work his dick out until something came out of it. Gina complies and starts jacking it off and occasionally licking it until stepdad decides that it’s time. He blew his load into her mouth.


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