Jennifer White Step Father Fantasy

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Brunette, all natural, Jennifer White is sporting a black top and purple shorts today. Her outfit's color is pretty far from her name but it wouldn’t matter anyway since everything is gonna be on the floor in a while. She talks about her gratitude for her step daddy behind the camera. She decides to give something back with the only way she knows. She starts grasping the dick and taking it out. She starts going at it like her life depended on it. Our man starts feeling her up too. He caressed her great ass with care. This doesn’t stop Jennifer on what she’s doing. In fact, she liked it. She kneels on the floor to get a better position. But this isn’t enough anymore. He made her take off her bottoms and she went on all fours. He went at it for a while until he decided that he wants to see her tits too. She happily took it for him. He unhooked the bra revealing her modest tits. He lies down and Jennifer followed suit. She wets the dick again to prepare for what’s coming. She rides her step daddy with increasing intensity. After that, Jennifer gets off of him and starts sucking it again, but this time, she uses her feet to also jack him off. Then she went back to riding again with occasional blow jobs. For the final act, he made Jennifer lie down on the bed. She looks at her step daddy with the most adorable face she can do while still being pounded hard. She whimpers and moans like she’s feeling a bit of pain but we all know that she like being treated like a cheap whore. He decides to finish now. He sprayed his seed outside her shaking pussy. Jennifer smiled took a little taste of her step daddy’s hard work.


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