Leigh Raven Tattooed Lesbian Step Daughter


Leigh Raven


We’re always taught to straighten up and live properly. We don’t how but somehow, Leigh Raven missed one of those classes and didn’t learn the straight part of it. Being a teen mooching off her stepdad and doing what the fuck she wants with her body. On top of that, she even took in a female lover. The stepdad didn’t have choice but to teach Leigh another set of lessons. With his dick. Leigh Raven admires her step father. She trusts him and feels very safe around him. He earned her respect when he graciously accepted her lifestyle. Leigh Raven has been abused and punished enough. Her mom is mean and Leigh doesn't like that her sweet step daddy is stuck with such a cunt. She decides that it is time to reward the man of the house. Leigh has never gotten the chance to feel a real man's cock inside her. She wants to have her step daddy be her first. At first he objects to his tattooed step daughter. When Leigh Raven wraps her young lips around his hard cock, he can't resist. He agrees that if his lesbian step daughter wants to start experimenting with her sexuality, it should be with someone who is going to treat her right. He doesn't want to see his beautiful little girl Leigh Raven be violated or disrespected. The all natural tattooed slut goes to work on her step dad's hard cock. She slurps and spits all over his shaft. Leigh Raven sucks cock with passion and excitement. She wants to get him sloppy wet with her mouth before she spreads her young legs open to let him take a turn in her tight pussy. Leigh Raven displays her hairy pussy and all natural bush to her step dad as he works his thick cock into her young cunt. She moans in ecstasy as she is filled with the grown man's cock. Leigh bends over to take a pounding from behind. She pops up her cute butt as he fucks her deep. Leigh Raven talks and screams as she services her step daddy. She wants to make him cum hard and will do whatever it takes. Leigh opens her legs again and gives him her tight young pussy to stroke his cock into. He pumps away until he can't resist. When there is no holding back, he pulls out and dumps his load of cum all over his step daughter. Her tattoos highlight the warm cum all over her slutty young body.


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