Lena Paul Wants to be Stepdaddy's Fucktoy

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Super-hot, natural big tits and big ass blonde, Lena Paul finds her stepdaddy’s toy in his room after she noticed it when she was cleaning, she’s really curious about what it is and confronts her stepdad about it. Her stepdaddy tries to explain, but she also found her panties wrapped around the toy and is confused as to why. Lena finds it sort of sexy that her stepdaddy was jerking off to the thought of her. She wants him to show her how the toy works. She grabs the pocket pussy and begins to jerk off her stepdaddy with it. She unwraps her shirt to show off her big glorious natural tits and her stepdaddy is in awe, but Lena is in awe at how thick her stepdaddy’s cock is. Her stepdaddy finally can’t contain himself and cups her big soft boobs, giving her nipples the slightest pinches, with that action, Lena begins to lick and suck her stepdad’s cock with the pocket pussy still on. She takes off the toy and fully enjoys his cock in her mouth, her stepdaddy hesitant but loving it all. Lena gargles his cock and moans as she strokes him up and down, like a good little girl. She suggests to titty fuck him and how could he not say no, her tits are amazing, and anyone would want those soft cushion pillows wrapped around their cock; she titty fucks him and dirty talks as she squeezes her tits on stepdaddy’s cock. Stepdaddy can’t take it and bends her over, spanks her ass and shoves his cock in his little girl’s tight little pussy, she moans as his thick cock goes in her; Lena loves her stepdaddy’s thick cock inside her. Then, showing off her great big ass, she sits and rides her stepdaddy’s thick dick in reverse cowgirl, her ass bouncing up and down as her stepdaddy stretches out her tight little pussy, Lena moans and gasps as she rides faster, her ass rippling and jiggling with every bounce. She gets off to enthusiastically suck her pussy juice off her stepdad’s cock, then wrapping her awesome tits around his cock and jerking him off. Lena lays on her back, and her stepdaddy stretches her pussy out again, her eyes roll back as the pleasure that his cock gives her is overloading her, she rubs her throbbing clit as stepdaddy makes her cum. She talks dirty to her stepdaddy and jerks him off until he shoots his load into her cum and she sucks him until he’s completely empty.


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