Nikki Knightly Learns What Boys Like


Nikki Nightly


Little Nikki is feeling sad. She has been hanging out with a boy at school and she thought things were going really well. Lately though, the boy stopped talking to her. She can't talk to her mom about this kind of thing, but luckily her step-daddy is here to help. Nikki isn't sure she is sexually satisfying her boyfriend and is looking to get some help learning exactly what makes boys go crazy. Stepdad, being helpful and supportive, offers up his fat dick and other services to make her self esteem and confidence go up for at least a bit. Nikki jumps from the couch and pulls out his fat cock from his pants. She starts sucking the tip of it and eventually, the whole of it. Nikki now takes her bottoms and bends over on the couch. She wishes to know more on fucking. Nikki is so sweet and she’s really keen on learning a whole lot of things from step dad. He sees this on Nikki and just starts fucking her pussy from behind to respect her plea. It was nice to see her ass cheeks shake with every motion he make. Nikki goes on top and offers to do it herself at some point. With a smooth transition of sucking his dick in between those times, Nikki went ahead and continued the fucking with a nice view of her petite tits in full display. But step dad has his own thing going. This seductive teen has such effect on him. He slams Nikki on the couch, spreads her legs and fucks her pussy for one last time. He went on for a while. Step dad reaches his cumming point. He pulls out and spreads his cum-stained affection for his stepdaughter all over her tummy. Even up until the end, it was a hell of a view.


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