Laney Grey Wants To Be A Good Girl


Laney Grey


Bubble-butt teen slut Laney Grey doesn’t give a fuck where she flicks her clit, when the feeling hits she’s going to put her hand down her panties and go to town on herself, but this time she gets caught touching herself in the living room by her stepdaddy, he understands and tells her to go in private. However, Laney doesn’t seem to understand, she again gets caught flicking her bean in her stepdaddy’s room, but stepdaddy isn’t okay with it this time. He makes her get on her knees and suck his cock, and Laney being the good little girl that she is happily takes her stepdad’s big cock in her mouth. She tries to fit him whole in her mouth but he’s much too big for her little mouth, she gags and chokes as her daddy chuckles at her inability. No matter her inability, her experience shows, and stepdaddy can tell that his stepdaughter is a little slut outside the house with the way she sucks his cock. Stepdaddy bends Laney over the bed and spanks her bubble-butt, and she begs him to fuck her, she automatically drops her panties and instructs him to go in slowly and stretch her teeny pussy. She moans and gasps as her stepdaddy’s huge cock stretches her out. He teases her by taking out, but she begs him not to, she wants her stepdaddy to fill her up and stretch her out. Stepdaddy loves his little girl’s pussy and fucks it harder and faster. He instructs Laney to taste her pussy and suck his cock. Stepdaddy wants his little girl to ride his thick cock, she climbs up happily and slowly slides down his pole, grinding slowly as his cock eases into the depths of her young pussy. Laney moans and gasps as she rides him and he slaps her tits, she always knew her stepdaddy would feel good but not as good as this. Laney loves being a little slut for her thick cocked stepdaddy. She chokes on her stepdaddy’s cock and gags him up and down leaving his cock dripping wet. She turns around to show off her great ass and stepdaddy shoves his thick cock in her small wet pussy. She bounces and twerks her ass on his cock as he spanks her ass raw. Laney’s pussy is drenched as she continues to ride her stepdaddy, she moans louder and louder and thanks god for her stepdaddy’s massive cock. He instructs her to get on her back and he shoves his cock in her, she gasps in surprise as stepdaddy’s thick cock stretches out her young pussy, she shouts as he thrusts hard inside her and furiously rubs her clit as she compliments her stepdaddy’s massive cock and begs for him to cum his hot white cream inside of her. Stepdaddy creampies his sweet stepdaughter, Laney.


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