Paige Owens Knows How To Get What She Wants


Paige Owens is staying at her step father’s house dressed simply. She wears a grey sleeveless cropped top putting more emphasis on her cleavage. She also dons a short plaid skirt. She completes her fashion with a pair of knee socks and pink underwear. She seems to be saying that she’s here and ready to ride hard. Her step Daddy attempts to bond with her and asks her questions about herself and her life. She is very easy to please. There is no sexual action that does not please her. She definitely enjoys everything. She slowly strips as slow as possible. The browned-haired beauty now only in her underwear, her eyes closed, as if she is dreaming. Not a minute was wasted and her step Daddy found his penis deep-throated and filled with hot saliva. He grabbed one her hair to steady himself. Oh how his dick was being worshiped—he was at the very center of their carnal urges. From a beautiful bodacious brunette, her step Daddy never fell short of nice, hot blowjobs from his willing partners. He then lowered his torso and she sat ever so poised on the floor, taking in the full length of his cock and the weight of his balls into her mouth. Harder and harder he pushed in and out of her wet mouth. Paige lets go of his dick and turns around on all fours, present to her ass to her step daddy. She almost orgasms as he thrusts and swirls his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. She sucked his dick hard enough to make his erection last much longer. Then, he pushed her legs up to her face and he began to fuck her hard to the core. The deeper he pushed, the louder she moaned. He pounded and pounded his manhood until his waist got tired and he went on to fill in every single mouth in the room with his consistently erect shaft. After he was able to regain his composure and stamina, he inserted his cock deep inside her lovely ass hole and his thrusts grew more solid and precise. She went loud. He rubbed her pussy and her asshole until she cummed and fell to the bed tired but satisfied.


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