Peta Jensen Wants A Pony And Will Do Anything To Get It


Peta Jensen

Every day is Father’s Day at BAD FAMILY POV! This TABOO family network of sites includes Bad Daddy POV, Bad Brother POV, Bad Mommy POV, Bad Sister POV, Mommy JOI, Daughter JOI, and Sister JOI. BAD FAMILY is a premium taboo network with every horny family member getting freaky. All of your fucked up fantasies, all living under one roof. Like they say, “you can’t choose your family, but you CAN choose to fuck them.”

When you were a teen, ever wanted something so much that you’re willing to fuck for it? I mean, literally, fuck for it. No? Alright, just curious. Peta Jensen here really rustled our minds when she offered something in return for a pony. A FucKiN’ pony, mate. Is this serious? If that’s serious, well, fuck me sideways and call me taffy. Having some whorish body and sweet talking skills really made Peta’s confidence go through the roof. She thought she could trick her stepdad into buying her a fuckin’ pony. She thought she could convince the man of the house into playing into her hands. Well, she’s not wrong. That particular stepdad has some issues controlling his dick. Peta creeps closer to his pants. With the littlest resistance ever, Peta slowly pulls out his fat dic out of his bottoms. Peta then starts licking and sucking that dick in POV. As this happened, Peta slowly takes out her massive tits to further ‘convince’ the man into buying her the shit she wants. To make this even more convincing, she bends over the bed and offers her fuck hole for some fun with his fat dick. The stepdad, now out of his damn mind, starts plowing her thick ass through her pussy. She then relaxes that man and made him lie down on his back. She does the work for some time, making a nice portrait of her bush and a big cock pounding her from below as she rub her clit. She eventually turn around to show the viewers some nice ass. Peta now lie down on her back and welcomes the dick for a final act of fucking with an open legs. They went at it until stepdad here pulls out and sprays his tender loving cum into Peta’s body. With this, he considers himself ‘convinced’.


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