Stepmom Mandy Waters Has An Important Lesson For Her Stepson


Mandy Waters


Hot MILF Mandy Waters is getting ready for a girls' night out in her room. She's checking herself out in front of her big mirror. She's wearing a pair of sexy high heel sandals, a bright pink midi skirt with a slit on the side and a red shirt tied up above her belly button. Of course, she's got her hair and makeup on point as well. Mandy left her door open and it appears that she doesn't realize there's someone watching her. She flips her hair and turns around to take a better look at the back of the skirt and she catches a glimpse of her stepson at the door. She invites him in and says that she actually has to talk to him about something. The other day Mandy had invited her sister CC to babysit her stepson for her while she was out with friends. So, she tells him that his aunt CC told her that she caught him playing with himself. Mandy feels now is the best time to have "the talk" with her stepson. He's a little nervous, but stepmommy is there to reassure him. However, it's clear she doesn't want to just have a talk. Mandy insists on seeing how he did it. Guess the hot milf has a lot to teach him today! He's a good boy so he takes out his cock as instructed and Mandy pulls up her skirt. She starts touching herself and tells him to do the same. Then she tells him to spit in his hand and get his big dick real good for mommy. She demonstrates the right way to hold and stroke a dick and he does as she says without a single word. While he's stroking it, Mandy keeps touching her pussy, brushing over her boobs with her fingers and sticking out her butt. After a bit of teasing, she tells him to rub his precum all over his cock, sits down on the edge of the bed and keeps guiding him. She's playing with herself as well the entire time. The boy feels like he's ready to burst any second now, but he's still able to follow stepmommy's instructions. She's even counting for him. He came all over the place as soon as she said 10. And then, like this wasn't thrilling enough the boy, Mandy tells him she might visit him in bed when she comes back. We're sure he'll be losing his mind all evening!


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