Alison Rey Daddy's Day Gift


Alison Rey


Pretty babe Alison Rey is sitting on her bed when her step-father enters her room. She is wearing a white one-piece shirt with “I Love Daddy” design. It’s father’s day and Alison has a very special present for his step-dad. The cute step-daughter wants to have a special playtime with her step-daddy. Alison pulls down her shorts then starts sucking his cock. He can’t do anything about it anymore so he just let little Alison give him his special father’s day present. She strokes the hard shaft and licks the sensitive head of his penis. Alison continues to worship his step-father’s hard cock. She tried to fit it whole into her tiny mouth but his penis is too big for her. She snaps the button of her one-piece suit and reveals her tight shaved pussy. Alison spreads her legs apart to make her wet pussy more visible for her step-daddy. He can’t contain himself any longer so he immediately stuffs his hard cock into her tiny pussy. He starts slowly and then gradually builds up the pace. Alison hugs her stuffed toy tightly while her step-daddy pounds her pussy. They changed their position from missionary to doggystyle. Alison looks back at him while he fucks her from behind. Her sweet eyes are glued to him as if she is begging for more fucking. Her step-dad keeps on pounding her tight little pussy. Every thrust makes her bubble butt wriggle a little. Alison’s sweet moans start to fill up the room. She cums loudly as her pussy wraps tightly on her step-father’s dick. Alison tastes her pussy juice by sucking on his step-dad’s cock. She cleaned all her juices on his shaft using her tongue and lips. He lies down on the bed and pulls her on top of him. They fucked in a cowgirl position on the bed. She humps his dick while slowly pulling up her shirt. Her busty tits bounce around wildly as he pounds her pussy. He let her suck his dick one more time before fucking her in a missionary position. When he feels that his cum is about to explode, he pulls out his dick from her pussy. He shoots out all his load to her body and face. Her pretty face is now covered in cum. She gives her step-dad a playful smile. She hopes that he likes her special father’s day present.


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