Alison Rey Massages Whatever Pops Up


Alison Rey


Mr. Camera has a step daughter. Her name is Alison Rey. Apparently, she’s good at being masseuse. So Mr. Step daddy camera lies down to take her up on her offer to do her thing. It was good and all until this playful step daughter notices something hard on where she’s sitting. She starts poking at it. This petite red head might have an innocence of a teen but she definitely knows what she’s doing. In every fictional stories ever, when you start poking the dragon or the beast, something bad will happen. But in this case something bad will cum. She asks to see it. Being a step daddy for this hot teen, being hesitant is normal. He eventually gives in but this adorable slut now starts sucking on it. Pure lust now starts kicking his grip on reason and reality. He now undresses the petite red head teen and showing some amazing fucking tits. He now asks Alison to use those for some titty fucking. When the sanity is completely out of this interaction between them, he now asks Alison to lay down and prepare to receive his big dick. She lies down completely undressed and spread her legs apart. He penetrates that shaved pussy and kept pounding as if to punish Alison. Maybe we are wrong. His sanity is not completely gone. He had a bit of it to show everyone Alison’s nice ass while being fucked in the pussy. Alison is a curious woman. She goes back to her previous position because she wants to see what step daddy’s cum looks like. Once he’s done, he pulls out and sprays his cum all over Alison’s body. Alison is a spoiled teen slut so she gets what she wants being Mr. Camera Step Daddy adding in for being a doting step parent.


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