Alona Bloom: Teach Me How To Fuck, Please?


Asian sweetheart Alona Bloom is as innocent as she seems to be. Admitting that she is still a virgin, it comes as no surprise that she needs someone to teach her the wonders of sex. During a formal dinner with her stepdad, she boldly asks him if he would be willing to teach her how to pleasure a man. They got into a heated argument, but being the spoiled gal she is, this little cutie gets what she wants. Once they got home and settled in, they made a promise that what happens in the bedroom stays between them. With that established, they move onto the first lesson of the night: how to give a good blowjob. Alona's stepfather guides her as she licks and sucks his cock, giving details on what to do and praising her when she does a good job. The atmosphere around them gets heated when she lays down and gets her throat fucked. At this point, Alona is thoroughly turned on and aching to finally feel her daddy's cock inside her. She spreads her legs wide for him as he slowly sinks into her tight cunt and gets rid of her virgin status. They start slow and sensual but gaining momentum once her pretty pink teen pussy adjusts to getting pounded. Wanting to try out things she's always dreamed of doing, Alona politely asks to be on top and rides his erection like a whore. Sensing that they're both close to cumming, they take a quick pause for the pretty teen to get a taste of juice on him. She's then bent over the edge of the bed and gets hard fucked from behind, filling the room with the sound of skin smacking against each other. Abandoning their lesson plan, they end up in missionary, Alona being used by her stepdaddy like a toy designed for his pleasure. Finally reaching the peak, he has her knees on the floor and suck him hard until he spills into her teen mouth and tits.


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