Alyssa Cole: Needs Punishment


Alyssa Cole


Blonde teen Alyssa Cole is sitting on the bed when her step-father comes inside her room. She is wearing a shirt and shorts. It seems Alyssa stole some money from him. She can only giggle while her step-dad slaps her cheeks. If she wants to be a whore, then she will be treated like one she has been working very hard on seducing her stepdaddy. Her step-father pushes her to the bed and starts touching her perky tits. Alyssa gets down on her knees to suck his step-dad’s hard cock. She strokes and sucks it like a lollipop, running her tongue from his ball to the tip of his penis. Alyssa removes all her clothes for her step-father. She bends over to make her pussy more accessible for his cock. He stuffs his hard cock into her wet pussy. They fuck doggystyle on the bed.After fucking her from behind, her step-dad lies on the bed. Alyssa goes on top of him. She guides his dick into her pussy. They fuck in a cowgirl position. Alyssa spreads her legs, making her stretched-out pussy visible to the camera. Each hump on his hard dick makes her little breasts bounce a little. He starts playing with her clit while she slides his dick inside her pussy.In one swift motion, Alyssa turns around to be fucked in reverse cowgirl. Her thick white ass bounces on his crotch. They fuck in reverse cowgirl for a while before shifting to the missionary position. Her tight pussy is wrapping around his big dick. He keeps on pounding his cock into her step-daughter’s wet cunt. Alyssa moans loudly as she cums on her step-daddy’s cock. He pulls out his dick from her pussy when he feels like he is about to cum. Alyssa sucks her step-dad’s cock one more time. She aggressively strokes and sucks his dick until he shoots his cum into her mouth. Alyssa swallows all of it.


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