Amara Romani Punished For Having Bad Grades

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Failing in class is quite common with distracted kids. And parents deal with it in many different ways. Amara Romani, a failing step daughter, wants a damage control. She wants to limit her punishment only to her dad and keep her mommy out of it. Good thing, step dad here is an understanding dad. He hears Amara out on what’s on her mind to remedy the situation. This sweet girl turns to a dirty slut real quick when she kneels in front of him and suggests to give him a blowjob in exchange of keeping his mouth shut. This petite Latina knows how to use her cards so well that she destroyed step dad’s morality and decency in a matter of minutes. Amara starts working his dick out using her amazing blowjob skills. She went an extra mile when she starts sucking his nuts too. After a good minute has been spent on giving him a head, she backs down for a bit and starts undressing. She reveals her cute tits and her big ass to him. As she shoves her panties aside, she sits on that hard-as-diamonds of a dick to please it. Her nice ass just bounces around as she pleases. Speaking of bouncing, she has tits that can do that. She turns around and starts doing the same thing as before. Amara’s bush looked really nice as a fat dick is penetrating the pussy its hiding. It’s not really fair for her to do all the work. Step dad gets up and made her bend over to receive his big dick energy. Amara gladly takes all of it from behind. This marks for step dad nearing his end. Amara now kneels down before him to suck that cum out of his balls. He deposits all his cum into her mouth which she swallowed with pride.


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