Aubrey Black: Like Mommy Like Step Daughter


Aubrey Black


It’s only normal for wives to get worried that their husband can be a horny step dad for their daughters (???). Aubrey Black tries to reassure herself that her husband won’t make a move on her daughter. To do that, she thought that it’s a good idea to suck out the lust from his dick. This full-pledged MILF went ahead and just pull out his dick to start working it. When the fat dick is out, she then proceeds to lick and suck the hell out of it while maintaining the eye contact and dirty talk. Aubrey, the MILF slut, goes all in. She takes off her top, revealing her nice, big tits. By doing this, it made her able to titty fuck him. He thinks that this is it but his expectations failed as Aubrey stands up and shoved aside her panties. She wants the whole thing inside her and wants it now. Aubrey now begins to ride his fat cock and still maintaining the dirty talk. She rubs herself off to have more pleasure. She goes at it for a while before returning on sucking his cock again. She then lies down on the bed and spreads her legs. Her husband comes over to continue the business. He shoves the panties aside again and entered the MILF pussy once again. He goes at it hard while Aubrey grabs her tits in excitement while rubbing her clit. After a while, they pause again and he stands up. Aubrey kneels before him to suck him off again. But wait, there’s more. It seems that this husband is really fond of her tits so he gets another round of titty fucking. With an alternating sucking and titty fucking, husband cums with all his might, covering Aubrey with his seed. She was grateful enough to lick the dick clean afterwards.


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