Alix Lynx: Back For Her Step Daddy's Approval

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Petite blonde teen Alix Lynx hasn't paid her internet bill so she needs to use her stepdad’s wifi to do some of her camgirl work. She heads to her old room and her audience begs for her to fuck her stepdaddy, the money they're offering isn't something that she can refuse. However, how will she ever convince her stepdaddy to get in on the action. Alix brings her tits out for her stepdad, but he's hesitant, not wanting to enrage his wife, but he's already hard. She grabs his cock and leads his hands to her tits that he bought, and lifts her skirt to show off her tight pussy. He finally succumbs and takes off his shorts to show off his big dick, and she's pleasantly surprised at her stepdaddy’s huge cock, shoving it in her mouth and making sure it hits the back of her throat as she chokes and slobbers all over it. Her stepdaddy can't believe he gets to fuck his stepdaughter. Alix turns around for her stepdaddy and begs to be fucked doggystyle, as he enters she gasps at his size. She loves her stepdaddy being inside her, stretching her tight little pussy with his perfect cock. Her stepdaddy now into it suggests that she rides him, and she happily agrees, first shoving his cock in her mouth and then climbing atop him to ride him reverse cowgirl style, she bounces on his cock with vigor and grinds on him. Alix begs him to smack her ass and he happily obliges. She climbs off to shove big stepdaddy in her mouth, stepdaddy wants her to titty fuck her and she wraps her pretty tits around his cock and fucks him. Alix climbs on him and rides him cowgirl and he stretches her out, she rubs her clit and moans at her stepdaddy fucking her. Her stepdaddy’s cock is the best cock shes ever had, the boys can't compare to her stepdad. He instructs Alix to get on all fours and suck his cock and she chokes and gags on him. She lays on her back and stepdaddy shoves his cock in her tight pussy, he thrusts and fucks her and she can barely contain herself as she moans and quivers and cums as her stepdaddy fucks her good and finally cums on her belly and Alix smiles at her stepdaddy.


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