Lilly Bell Gives Up Pussy to Keep Pussy

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Animal activist babe, Lilly Bell, with her blonde hair, petite body, and natural titties has brought home another cat to save, but stepdaddy has had enough and can't afford for his stepdaughter to keep bringing stray animals to the house. However, Lilly has quite the solution for this dilemma. Her and her pretty mouth convince stepdaddy to allow for the cats to stay with the help of her mouth and tight pussy wrapped around his thick cock. Lilly wraps her little mouth around his cock and he's hesitant but completely hard for his little girl, he deduces that if Lilly doesn't tell her mom and she gets to keep the cat and he gets to fuck his little girl then they all win, and with a mouth full of cock Lilly gestures yes. She sucks and slobbers all over his thick dick and stepdaddy moans and groans as his stepdaughter does a wonderful job, even better than her mom. As she slurps his cock and leaves it drenched in her spit, he makes her get up so that he can see her cute little tits, he slaps them a little and she moans asking him to do it again. Stepdaddy makes Lilly get up and thrusts his cock in her, her voice drops an octave and is enthralled by her stepdad stretching out her pussy, she pushes her ass back trying to get more of her stepdaddy in her, his dick is addicting. Lilly moans louder and louder as her stepdad continues to fuck her deep and hard in doggystyle position while she furiously rubs her clit. Lilly then furiously sucks his cock, giving her stepdad the sloppiest blowjob along with some really sexy dirty talking. She sucks his dick with such speed and ferocity, she sucks his balls and licks him from his taint to the tip of his cock, he wants more. Stepdad makes her climb atop him and she rides him hard and fast, she moans and shrieks as his cock penetrates her tight teen pussy deep. She continues to ride in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl, her eyes roll back into her head as his cock fills every crevice of her young pussy. Stepdaddy hungry for her pussy continues to fuck her in every which way until he's about to cum and Lilly gets on her knees and begs him to cum on her face. She jerks off her stepdaddy until he shoots his load all over her face and hair and eyes.


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