Mandy Meadows Jerk Off Instructions


Horny teenage brunette Mandy Meadows has been feeling a tingly feeling in her pussy because her stepdaddy keeps looking at her, making have some sort of feelings, also making her nipples hard and her making her want to touch herself. She feels like her stepdaddy wants her to touch herself and she hopes that that's what he wants so that she can touch herself. Mandy takes off her bra for her stepdaddy and pushes her tits together and rubs her nipples and squeezes her tits together, her long hair almost covering them up. She touches her pussy over her panties and wishes her stepdaddy was there with her so that he could teach her how it's done. She takes off her panties and spreads her legs to reveal her beautiful tight wet pink pussy. Mandy slides a finger in her pussy as she discovers the pleasure of having things in her. She begs her stepdaddy to stroke his cock as she tries to slide a second finger in there and wonders how she will ever manage to fit her stepdaddy's cock in her. She's so tight it's easier for her to cum so quickly, as she fucks herself you can hear the gushiness of her pussy and how wet she is. She begs her stepdaddy to cum all over her, she wants every void in her body filled with her stepdaddy’s creamy white cum. She moans harder for her stepdaddy to keep jerking off for her and cum along with her simultaneously. She gasps with a huge breath and her legs tremble and she sighs deeply, continuously, in and out with pleasure as her fingers have done the job for this first-timer, every breath is a moan for her stepdaddy, her body quivers with euphoric intent and her toes curl at their ends. Mandy, with her last moan, begs for her stepdaddy.


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