Cadey Mercury Caught Smoking


Cadey Mercury


Petite teen Cadey Mercury enters the room when her step-father called her. She is wearing a green spaghetti strap shirt and pink shorts. Her step-father found cigarettes and bong in her bedroom. Cadey tries to deny it at first. However, she changes her tone a few moments later. She begged her step-dad not to tell her mom about the cigarettes and weed. Her step-father punishes her by making her suck his huge dick. She tries to fit it whole in her mouth. However, her tiny mouth can only handle about half of his dick. Cadey keeps on sucking on his cock. Her step-dad continues with her punishment. He pushed her to the bed. He pulls down her panties and starts spanking her cute little butt. He shoves his dick deep into her pussy. Cadey gets fucked doggystyle on the bed. Her butt wriggles a little as he pounds her in the pussy. He can feel his pussy wrapping around his cock. The room is starting to fill up with their moans of pleasure. Cadey sucks his step-dad’s dick once more before guiding it back to her pussy. The two get on the bed. He lies on the bed while she goes on top of him. They fuck in the cowgirl position. Cadey spreads her legs while she grinds on top of his crotch. Her tight pink pussy is stretched out by his dick. Every hump makes her perky tits to bounce a little. They change their position from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl. Cadey bends down to make her butt stick out more. She twerks on top of her step-father’s dick. They fuck in this position for quite some time, before shifting to the missionary position. He fucks her deeper and faster. She spreads her pussy with her hands to let her step-dad’s dick go deeper. When he feels like he is about to cum, he pulls out his dick from her tiny pussy. Cadey strokes his dick until he showers her with his warm cum.


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