Cadey Mercury: Accidental Creampie


Cadey Mercury


Pretty teen Cadey Mercury is quietly sleeping on the bed when her step-father enters her room to wake her up. She is wearing nothing but a light blue tank top. It seems her step-father needs her help calming his hard dick. He leads her hands to his hard cock. Cadey is a little bit reluctant at first but a few words from her step-daddy change her mind. Cadey gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock. She blows his dick while maintaining eye contact. Her pretty eyes are so irresistible. Her father can’t contain himself any longer. The allure of her pretty face and hot body is too much. He bends her down on the bed then shoves his dick into her tiny pussy. Cadey can feel his step-dad’s cock slide deeper into her wet cunt. Her little butt bounces lightly with every thrust. Cadey looks back at her step-father. Her eyes are screaming for more hard pounding. Her step-father gets more motivated by looking at her innocent face. The two continue to fuck in doggystyle before shifting to the missionary position. Cadey cums all over his cock. He can feel his wet cunt getting tighter around his dick. Her pussy lips keep sucking on his dick. He lets her suck his dick first before letting her go on top of him. They change their position in reverse cowgirl. She spreads her legs wider to make her stretched-out pussy more visible to the camera. Every thrust makes her perky tit to bounce a little. They return missionary position. He keeps on pounding her wet cunt until he feels like he is about cum. He pumps her harder until he shoots his load inside her bushy pussy. Cadey is surprised by the creampie. They both stagger to get dressed to make sure her unsuspecting mommy never finds out about their sweet secret.


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