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Cali Carter


From your point of view, Cali Carter enters the room wearing a pink bra and white panties. She heads straight in front of the camera, taking off her step daddy’s pants who is behind the camera. She didn’t do anything yet. She seductively stares at the camera but her beautiful eyes and bright smile make her look too cheerful to be even fucking stepdad behind mommy’s back. The next scene cuts into Cali sucking the tip of step daddy’s penis. She looks straight into the camera as she takes his full length member into her mouth, giving you POV blowjob. She sucks the big dick hard until it hardens. Cali then hops on step daddy’s lap as she gently inserts his big hard dick inside her tight pussy. She just loves the feeling of her pussy welcoming and adjusting to his size. She rides him in the cowgirl position as she rubs her clit adding more pleasure to their sexy time. Cali stops and switches sex position. She turns her back, without pulling his dick out, and fucks him hard in the reverse cowgirl position. Step daddy now takes control of their sexy situation. He makes his stepdaughter kneel on top of the bed as he slowly thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. He humps her hard from behind in the doggy-style position before suddenly pulling out. It takes Cali by surprise. She is almost disappointed but step dad isn’t here to keep her waiting. Step daddy makes Cali lies on the bed, spreads her legs wide apart and slams his big hard cock inside her tight pussy. He fucks her hard in the missionary position until he is ready to orgasm. Cali Carter is fucked in the mouth until step daddy orgasms. He releases his warm cum all over her face.


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