Charlotte Cross Uses Her Mouth As An Alarm Clock


Dear Charlotte Cross seeks step daddy for her problems. She’s been having problems involving her uncle and some things that uncle tried to do to her. Step dad can’t understand what Charlotte is saying so he takes out his dick and let her demonstrate what that uncle tried to do. So being a chivalrous degenerate, he steps up and let her fondle his dick around. Step dad’s fat dick gets handled by Charlotte. She licks every nook and cranny of it while trying to swallow the whole length of it. Now, this brings out the worst in him and asks Charlotte to undress and show him her natural big tits. This snowballed into a full on POV fuck session with Charlotte. After being completely naked, Charlotte gets on top and sits on that dick with her shaved pussy. This teen slut starts jumping up and down while using the dick as some sort of anchor to keep her in place. Her natural tits just bounce around to go with the rhythm. She made sure to suck on that dick every time she changes her position. She does it as some kind of smooth transition. She would then flip her body around to show her big ass and starts doing the same thing. After some time, she gets on all fours and made him do the rest of the work. Eventually she flips around and lie on her back. She spreads her legs open and invites the fat cock to penetrate her tight pussy. At the end, she kneels in front of him as if begging his cum to be showered across her face. It’s not what exactly what happened but just in case you want consolation, Charlotte a whole load of it to keep it messing up the room. This demonstration kind of went off course but good thing uncle did not get to her first. That’s good, right?


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