Charlotte Cross Wants Her Step Daddy to Take Care of Her


Charlotte Cross


Charlotte Cross is a brunette little girl who likes snooping around her step daddy's room. This morning, she watched the 'special' channel on his television set. There was an episode of some-kind-of-show, in which a girl said that she was horny and that she wanted her step daddy to take care of her. Charlotte wants to mimic what she's seen. So she heads to her step dad's room, when he's actually home, and pulls out her big natural tits to show off for him. And to get him hard and ready to fuck her tight pussy. “What if your mom comes home?” says her step dad. But everyone in that room knows that there’s no answer that’s gonna stop what’s about to happen. All the unnecessary morals and thinking has left the room few minutes ago. This slut of a step daughter makes the first move. After taking her clothes off, she goes on top of step dad. She pulls out his flaccid cock and starts working it to have it hard as diamonds using her mouth. With a proper licking and sucking, Charlotte was successful on awakening his fat dick. Now that’s done, it’s her pussy’s turn to have some fun. She now proceeds to sit on that cock with her bush enveloping the act. As every bit of him penetrates Charlotte, the dirty talks and looks didn’t stop. Eventually, she turns around and have step daddy look at her butt cheeks clap as his dick pound her pussy. Charlotte gave step dad the control near the end. She lays down on the bed, spreads her legs and invites him to have a go at her pussy. He did and did it for a while. At some point, they paused to have him titty fucked but they went back to fucking until step dad had enough. Once he did, he pulls out and squirts his cum all over her bush.


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