Eden Sin - But You Said Last Time Was The Last Time


Petite brunette Eden Sin is spending time at home from school. She is all alone with her step dad while mom is at work. She wants to sit and watch tv but he has other ideas. Eden cuddles her stuffed animal as her step daddy takes the seat next to her. At first it is all innocent, but the man of the house quickly reveals he wants more. Eden Sin is instructed to use her hands to make him feel good. She is used to this. It is clearly not the first time the pair has engaged in this taboo behavior. Eden Sin asks him if it will be the last time and he promises it will be. But she has heard that before. Eden knows this is now going to be part of her daily activities. Her mom will leave the house and she will be expected to suck and fuck her step daddy until he explodes cum from his hard cock onto her slutty Teen body.When the mom is away the stepdad and step daughter is up to no good. Sexy Brunette Eden Sin is hanging out at the living room when his dad comes in to join them. When their eyes meet the step dad immediately expresses his desire towards her and asks her to touch his big fat cock. Doing so Eden is reminded of the things they do together when they're the only people inside the house. It's obvious this isn't the first time they did something like this. Such escapades are taboo to some but not for them. The horny step father and the slutty petite step daughter are about to fuck each other, again. After Eden strokes his step dad's cock she obliges when told to strip her clothes to reveal her sexy body then goes down to suck the already hard cock. The deed was messy. A series of sucking, gagging and deep throats ensued. Eden now stood up and held the cock upright for her to sit on. It's written all over her face that she wants to ride her step dad's cock cowgirl style. Fatherly instincts don't apply anymore as his step daughter rides him fast and hard. Even turning around to show her ass bouncing to the humping rhythm. Now it gets better as she know assumes the position of missionary to expose herself then another round of intense fucking continues until she demanded to be fucked from behind. Eden willingly takes all the pussy abuse and then finally falls on the floor to meet what would be an explosive orgasm of warm cum all over her face. The smile she gives out after shows the level of satisfaction she got from her beloved step dad. It’s easy to tell she's looking forward to their next “sexcapade” together.


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