Honey Gold Messy Girl Gets Punished


Tattooed babe Honey Gold is sitting on the couch when her step-father comes home. He sees that the living room is still in a complete mess. He calls Honey. Her step-dad is furious because Honey promised that she will clean the house. Honey is completely apologetic as her step-father scolds her. She is wearing an orange shirt, yellow panties and long socks. To punish her messy step-daughter, he brings out his cock and lets her suck it hard. Honey is quite reluctant at first, but she can’t really refuse what her step-father wants. She sucks, licks and kisses his cock like a lollipop. Her aggressive blowjob continues for a while. She removes her shirt then titty-fucks him with her perky tits. He bends over on the couch then removes her panties. Her step-father stuffs his hard cock into her tiny pussy. Honey can feel his cock stirring the insides of her vagina. She moans loudly as he pumps her wet cunt harder. The room is starting to be filled with loud moans and sounds of labored breathing. The two of them fucks in the doggystyle position for a while. The phone is ringing in the background. Her step-father takes a look at it just in case it is her mom. Fortunately, it wasn’t. As such, the two horny beasts continue to ravage each other. He lets her suck his cock again. She tries to fit it whole inside her cute little mouth. Honey goes on top of her step-daddy. She fucks him in cowgirl position. This position makes her pussy more visible to the camera. Her stretched-out pussy twitches a little as she cums on her step-dad’s hard cock. The two keeps on fucking each other. They change their position to reverse cowgirl, then to the missionary position. He keeps on pounding her tight pussy with his huge dong until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from her tight pussy. Honey strokes and sucks his cock until he shoots his cum into her pretty face.


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