Marica Hase: Adopted Japanese Slut


Marica Hase


After some lifted eyebrows and some subtracted IQ’s from the writers, they finally had the capacity to cope with the original description of Marica Hase on this scene. In case you’re seeing this being hosted in some other sources with different title, the original title is “Marica Hase – Adopted Japanese Sex Toy”. That being said, let’s go back into the pretend let us tell you all about this. Marica had just lost her biological dad recently. Her father’s best friend was there to take care of the grieving Asian cutie. After some talking, the family friend found out that this school girl is a bit naughty in the inside. He takes advantage of this somehow twisted the sad situation to his favor. Marica now pulls out his dick out and starts licking and sucking on his fat dick. She went at it for a while and gets slowly undressed for the guy. She takes off her school girl uniform and everything else, leaving only the ribbon. Marica now makes the fat cock enter her tight Asian pussy. She had that big dick energy for a while until he decided that he wants to do it in his own pace too. He bends Marica over and starts fucking her from behind. Marica maintains eye contact even in that position. They changed position different times and Marica made sure to have the dick wet at all times by sucking on it. Eventually, he flipped her over to her watch him as he closes his peak. With her legs wide open and Marica rubs her own pussy while being drilled hard, she lets out cute noises. Being inspired with what he’s hearing, he poured all his remaining strength and stamina to reach his climax. Once he did, he gave this cute slut some good old dessert called creampie.


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