Jennifer Jacobs Needs To Learn Before Her Date


Jennifer Jacobs


All-natural brunette Jennifer Jacobs wakes up her sleeping step-father. She is wearing an orange tank top and green skirt. Jennifer pulls out her step-daddy’s big cock then starts to lick and suck it like a lollipop. Her step-father is surprised to see her pretty step-daughter sucking his hard dick. Bonnie tries to explain herself. It seems this hot babe needs to learn how to properly please a man before going out with her boyfriend. Her step-father is reluctant at first. However, her beautiful eyes quickly change his mind. Jennifer gets down on her knees to resume sucking his cock. She strokes and sucks the dick, following her step-dad’s instructions. He pulls her up then touches her perky tits. Jennifer takes off all her clothes for him. She bends down on the bed, sticking her bubble butt in the air. He stuffs his hard cock deep into her wet cunt. She can feel his cock slide deeper inside her pussy. The two continue fucking in doggystyle before shifting to cowgirl. Jennifer sits on top of her step-father’s cock. She guides her cock into her pussy. His dick stretches out her pink pussy. He can feel her vagina wrapping tightly around his cock. Each thrust makes her cute boobs bounce lightly. Jennifer continues to hump his step-dad’s cock. His dick stirs up the insides of her wet pussy. She starts to cream on her step-father's huge dong. They change their position again. They are now in the missionary position. Jennifer lays on the bed as her step-father pounds his huge dick into her tiny pussy. Her moans are becoming louder. She cums multiple times on his cock. He keeps on fucking her cunt until he feels like he is about to cum. He showers her pretty face and body with his warm cum. The two promise each other to keep their bonding moments as secret.


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