Jessa Rhodes Begs For Rent Money


Jessa Rhodes


Busty blonde teen Jessa Rhodes shows her new apartment to her step-father. She is wearing a green dress. Jessa sits on the bed while his step-dad nags her about the mess in her room. As it turns out, Jessa needs money for rent and new furniture. She begs her step-daddy for some cash. Simple begging is not effective. Her step-father has other plans. Jessa is not wearing any underwear under her dress. Despite being reluctant, she has no choice but to comply. She sucks his dick passionately. Jessa gags every time she tries to fit the whole dick into her mouth. Her step-father turns her around then shoves his dick into her pussy. Her bubble butt sticks out more as she bends further. He continues to fuck her from behind. Every thrust makes her butt wriggle a little. Jessa moans softly as he pounds her tight pussy with his dick. He pulls out his dick then lies on the bed. Jessa sucks his dick again before riding on top of him. The two fuck in cowgirl position. Her stretched-out pussy is completely visible to the camera. Her big boobs bounce violently as she humps her big cock. Her pussy lips grip his dick tightly. They change their position to reverse cowgirl. Her thick ass twerks wildly as she cums on his cock. They change their position to missionary. He keeps on pounding his cock into her pussy. She can feel the inside of her pussy being stirred up by his huge cock. Her moans are getting louder. She cums multiple times while his step-dad’s dick is deep inside her. He keeps on fucking her until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his from her cunt then sprays his cum all over her sexy body. Jessa gets the money while her step-father gets what he wants. It is a total win-win situation for them.


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