Jessa Rhodes Fucks To Save Her Mommy


This is one of the videos where the directors get a little bit too creative. For this particular instance, step dad walks in to fuck this blindfolded step daughter, Jessa Rhodes, to give one of the demands of the bad people that took her mommy. The ‘bad men’ needs a fuck video of them as a demand. Of course, it’s just a big fat lie to get inside Jessa. Step dad here already have Jessa on ropes, literally. So all he needed to do is to convince this dumb bitch into sucking his cock. Once convinced, Jessa slowly gives in to that demand of step dad and starts sucking his dick. She takes off her top and revealing her unnaturally big tits for a teen. That’s just a setting, of course. But still, that’s some nice tits. Once the sucking is done, Jessa bends over to offer her pussy to the concerned step dad. Her round big ass is just so perfect when it’s being screwed from behind. At this point, Jessa is all in and just let all of that sexy moan out. Step dad sits down after and let Jessa suck his dick again. Then, Jessa sits down on his dick. Now, her ass is in the situation that it keeps jiggling like crazy. After some time, Jessa faces her step daddy to get on his face. Step dad reaches out to her big tits to have some squeeze. The final act features Jessa being on her back with legs spread open while clutching a stuff toy in her arm. That’s some cutesy shit right there but it won’t save her from being fucked hard by her step dad. Young people are always scared of the monster under their beds but Jessa here gets fucked by a monster cock. That’s some sort of achievement, if you ask us. When step dad is ready to burst out his loud, he hovers his fat dick into her mouth and proceeds to do so. Jessa takes it all in like a good girl.


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