Jessa Rhodes Gets To Wear Her Bathing Suit


It’s beach day. Somehow, Jessa Rhodes didn’t read the memo right and spelled ‘beach’ wrong. She plans on going to the beach with inappropriate bikini. As usual, step dad doesn’t approve. He doesn’t want random people ogling on his step daughter and definitely don’t want her mom to see it. So he says a hard no and asks her to take it all off. Being a good step kid, Jessa takes it all off revealing her big tits and ass too big for her fictitious age. This is when step dad here gets his morality and reasoning gets flushed down the toilet. Jessa, already naked, comes close and starts touching his dick over his clothes. Step dad just heaves heavily and just lets out a weak ass “this isn’t right” as if he doesn’t like what’s happening. Jessa proceeds to suck off his remaining sanity of out his dick. After some good dick treatment, she now turns around. Her big ass now faces this man. He proceeds to insert his dick into her tight pussy. He goes at it for a while until she kneels down in front of him to suck his dick again and put it between her unnaturally big tits. The next part is Jessa being on top him. She gets to move this time. Jessa faces the camera so her tits just go wild while she gets fucked from below. She eventually turns around to get another kind of ride. They go at it for a while. For the final act, Jessa lies on the bed and spreads her legs to welcome the fat dick into her pleasure hole. He continues his pounding in his full control. Her legs just wiggles in the air as everything transpire. He ended this madness by showering Jessa a fresh hot cum all over her mouth that’s meant for her to swallow. Jessa was nice enough to lick his dick clean to erase every evidence that she got fucked by her step dad in her own room.


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