Jessa Rhodes Says YOU Made Me This Way


Jessa Rhodes


Ever messed up so bad that it bit you back in multiple occasions? Step dad sneaking in and fucking his step daughter in the past has made terrible combination of bad personality bad choices and a whore all in one in Jessa Rhodes. Aside from being a slut who phones others for sex, she became a blackmailing bitch. After getting caught, Jessa makes a one sided deal to have her hole pleasured in the way she want. Being a stupid step dad in the past, this has caught him between a rock and a hard place, or in this incident, tits and ass. So he just lie down and have her way with his cock. Jessa pulls out his fat cock and just starts licking and sucking whole of it while maintaining eye contact and dirty talks. She goes at it for a really long time until she takes all of her clothes completely. She sits straight up and rides his dick. Jessa takes her time until she bends over and commanded step dad to fuck her from behind. He did it with a heavy heart and dick as hard as diamonds. It didn’t stop there, she lies down completely and spreads her legs, asking the poor step dad to continue wrecking her pussy. But first he hovers his dick on her face. Jessa worked on his dick for a while before resuming the hard fucking. With her legs in the air, step dad goes at it until they were ready to cum. With a slight pause in the middle for Jessa to suck his dick again, they keep this up until the end. When he can’t take it anymore, he pulls out his fat cock and squirts his cum all over Jessa’s pussy. Jessa just lie there admiring the result of blackmailing her step dad into fucking her.


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