Jessica Ryan Is All The Girl Anyone Needs


Jessica Ryan


Step Daddy here is having a little crisis since his Jessica Ryan’s mom left her with him. Said its been too long since he played with a woman. He’s talking about it with his step daughter until Jessica volunteers to be a willing playmate. Step Daddy here gets a little reluctant until she kneels and starts touching his dick. Step Daddy transforms into a lust-fueled man when she starts sucking on it. Things like “we shouldn’t be doing this” but he can’t resist the urge. It wasn’t long enough until he gives in and made her gag on it. He made her little mouth into his personal fuck hole. Half of the time with this, you’ll only hear Jessica gagging both on his dick and in her own spit. Sounds like she’s drowning but it’s not the fatal kind. It’s the kinky kind of it, f that makes sense. Afterwards, this snowballs into a full on fuck session. He asks Jessica to undress and ride his dick which she does without hesitation. Her bush gets revealed and he gently strokes the pasture. Jessica starts riding that dick to cum town. She switches the view eventually by looking the other way to show her nice ass while still being fucked. But Mr. Step Daddy won’t let his step daughter do all the work. Jessica lays on her back to let him do some of the fucking. Her beautiful body is spread on the massage table. This nasty little slut knows how to get men cum in seconds. It only took few minutes for him to cum. Once he feels that he can’t take it anymore, he made Jessica kneel down and have her do her thing. She jacks and sucks it off until a warm cum gets squirts out of his dick in an incredible speed. Jessica didn’t have the time to catch it with her mouth but she made sure to catch the rest of it.


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