Kat Monroe Wants To Feel Pretty


Kat Monroe


Consoling teens that goes their phases is quite a normal thing to happen when you’re a parent passionate enough to get involved with their lives. Sometimes you do not enough, just enough or too much. Kat Monroe, the teenage tomboy gets the latter from her stepfather. Spoiler alert: stepfather becomes stepdaddy in few moments. So hold on to your dicks (or pussy) and we’ll give you a nice ride of this kinky parenting. Being down on being rejected by her school crush for being a tomboy, Kat goes to stepfather to get some wisdom and some other things. Late that night, Kat Monroe comes home to show off her brand new outfit. She is dressed like a total slut. Her shorts are tiny and barely fit her big ass. Her shirt is revealing her flat stomach and all natural tits. Kat's step father doesn't like this at all. When he told her to get something sexier, he didn't mean to run around the neighborhood half naked. Kat enjoys seeing her step dad get riled up. She tells him that most girls are dressed like this at school, but he doesn't care. Kat Monroe feels sexy and wants to embrace her new found love of her own body. She starts to strip off her clothes to show what else the girls at school like to do. Her step father protests, but Kat is determined. She reminds him of how long it has been since her mother and him have had sex. He can't resist the teen's all natural body. He agrees to let her suck his cock because, a blowjob isn't that bad. It isn't like it's sex with his step daughter. Kat Monroe eagerly drops to her knees and pulls out her step fathers big cock. She worships his dick with her petite teen mouth. Her nude body turns on the grown man and he becomes rock hard. Kat loves to show her big ass off to her step daddy. He gropes the teen's nude body and then she goes back to sucking his dick. The horny brunette's dirty talking turns him on even more. She can tell he wants more and tries to see what she can get. Kat bends over and rubs her pussy lips on his hard shaft. He can feel how wet her teenage pussy is. Kat goes back to sucking on her step dad's dick. Eventually he can't hold back. He shoots his load all over her pretty face. Kat Monroe giggles with a messy Facial cum shot. She knows next time, she is going to feel his cock inside of her tight pussy too.


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