Kendra Lynn Too Many Memories


Kendra Lynn


One of the best feelings in the world is being validated by someone you respect. Kendra Lynn goes home from college this time to have his step dad acknowledge her newfound skills— specifically on the dick-sucking department. But of course, this will not stand with step dad since this is not right. On the other hand, step dad has the willpower of wet bread. It only took a few minutes of convincing and flashing her boobs for step dad to let her do what she wants. When Kendra’s tits are out, he proceeds to fondle those modest tits while Kendra went ahead and pulls out his dick. She then proceeds to lick and suck that fat dick, demonstrating what she learned from being away for some time. Based from his reactions, Kendra must’ve learned from the best. She did it so good that this demo of blowjob now snowballed into something more. Kendra now takes off her skirt, revealing her bush and nice pussy. While step dad lies down, Kendra now sits down on his fat dick. She does what she want for a while and changes her position by facing the other way at some point. Afterwards, Kendra lets step dad do his own fucking. She sucks his dick again and bent over. Her nice butt cheeks vibrate in every pounding he makes. She doesn’t let this doggy-fucking stale by still making eye contact. Kendra flips around after some time to be on her back and let step dad see her tits while she’s being fucked. They kept this up until the end. Kendra cycled from the 2 previous positions and just sucked his dick in between those times. When step dad is ready to end this, he poured his last strength and stamina and incidentally, pouring something else on Kendra. He pulls out and jizzed all over Kendra’s bush to properly end this.


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