Lauren Philips Trades Sex For Privacy


Lauren Phillips


Busty redhead Lauren Philips dances in her room while listening to rock music. She is wearing pink crop top and purple shorts. The music turns her on, making her pussy wet. She starts to fondle with her huge tits as she prances around the room. Lauren is so engrossed with the music that she didn’t notice her step-father coming inside her room. Lauren is surprised when her step-father starts talking to her. Her first action is to hide her big boobs with her arm. As it turns out, Lauren is supposed to clean the house today. However, she is caught by his step-daddy dancing sluttily on her bedroom. The sight of her innocent face and supple bosom is very appealing. Her step-father can’t resist her allure so he offered her a deal. He will keep what he saw as a secret if she will help him satisfy his needs. Although Lauren is reluctant at first, a few words from her step-daddy change her mind. Lauren gets down on her knees to suck his hard dick. She licks and sucks his cock like a lollipop. She also puts his dick between her huge breasts then gives his cock a sensational titty-fuck. She continues to titty-fuck and sucks his dick until he can’t control himself any longer. He shoves his hard dick into her wet cunt. Her step-daddy stretches out her pussy in a doggystyle position. He continues to pound her from behind while she looks back at him. Her innocent eyes motivate him to pound her harder and deeper. It doesn’t take long before Lauren creams on his cock. The two continue to fuck in doggystyle before changing to the cowgirl position. She humps his cock like crazy. Her bushy pussy is completely visible to the camera. Her busty boobs bounce wildly with every hump. Lauren grinds her thick butt against his crotch. She can feel his dick sliding in and out her pussy. They change their position to reverse cowgirl. She bends down to make her ass stick out more. They change their position to missionary. He keeps on pounding his dick until he feels like he is about to explode. He pulls out his throbbing cock out of her wet cunt then strokes it in front of her. He shoots out his come to her curvy body.


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