Lauren Phillips Fucks Her Step Dad to Get Back at Cheating Mommy


Lauren Phillips


We always knew that the universe have the most fucked up sense of humor when it tries to balance itself. When you do something wrong, it gets back to you somehow sometimes in the most surprising of ways. So there are times that you take it in your own hands to have lick of control over it and not surprise you in the future. Lauren Phillips has some bad news for her step dad. She just saw her mom cheating – fucking another man behind his back. But she has an idea cheer up her step daddy: payback. Lauren's always wanted to taste her step dad's cock; to wrap her big natural tits around him, and take him in her tight pussy. With a little convincing, the slutty redhead gets what she wants. Her step daddy's cock grows hard. She makes him feel better with an epic fucking blowjob. With a bit of skill, she was able to convince this step dad to just roll with it. Once his cock is wet with her saliva, she gets on top for a round of step daughter on step daddy cowgirl. Her tight little pussy stretches wide to fit his dick. Then step Daddy bends her over and pounds her fuck hole. Her bubble butt bounces, in anticipation of an orgasm. They go at it for a while until the step dad’s arrival at climax. Lauren cums on her back while running her fingers along her clit and through her trimmed red bush. It's only fair that she should make her step daddy cum too. Lauren drops to her knees and continues sucking her step dad's cock, pushing him between her boobs for some sloppy Titty Fucking. Finally, he bursts, squirting semen all over her tits, making a good portrait of a revenge that they both agreed on. It was colored with a bit of immorality in a shade of cum-white. Payback can be SO good!


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