Lacey Channing Had A Bad Dream


Lacey Channing


All-natural brunette Lacey Channing enters her step-father’s room late at night. She is wearing a pink shirt and panties. It seems Lacey is having trouble sleeping due to nightmares. She wants to be comforted by him. She cuddles up with her-step father. As it turns out, Lacey has a very special plan to get to sleep this evening. She rubs her ass against his crotch. Her step-father is reluctant at first. However, it is impossible for him to resist the temptation of her pretty face and hot body. Lacey pulls his cock out and starts licking it. She licks, sucks and kisses his cock like a Popsicle. Her step-father just lets her do whatever she wants. She continues to blow his cock. He grabs her by the hair and pushes her head against his cock. Lacey gags as the tip of his penis reach the back of her throat. Lacey removes her clothes and sits on top of him. She guides his cock into her tiny pussy. His dick slides in and out of her pussy. She spreads her legs to make her pink pussy more visible to the camera. Every thrust makes her natural tits to bounce wildly. The two fuck in a cowgirl position on the bed. He plays with his clit while pounding his dick inside her pussy. The two change their position to doggystyle. Her thick ass wriggles a little when he thrusts his cock deep into her pussy. He continues to pound her from behind, constantly slapping her white ass. The two change their position again. They are now fucking in missionary position. Lacey moans loudly as she cums on his big dick. He lets her have a taste of her pussy juice. She sucks his cock for a while before they fuck again in doggystyle position. He keeps on thrusting his dick inside her pussy until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his hard dick from her pussy then showers his step-daughter’s body with his warm cum.


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