Ashley Lane Is Stuck Home Alone


Ashley Lane


Ashley Lane is dressed to kill, or rather to make someone cum. Her shirt literally says ‘slut’ on it. Today, we’ll being seeing through this in the POV of her stepdaddy. Since she is dressed for the occasion, she now invites us to play for a bit. She entices her stepdaddy with a dirty look which naturally worked for him. He reaches over to touch her ass and some light, over-the-clothes pussy strokes. Ashley likes it. She now sits upright to offer her tits to him. He lifts her shirt to show her petite figure. He liked what he saw so he politely asks our star to suck on his dick. Playtime starts now. She happily lick every nook and cranny of step daddy’s cock. He now bends her over to rub his throbbing dick on her ass and starts taking her bottoms off. He penetrated her shaved pussy from behind and she lets out a happy little moan. With an increasing intensity, he flips her over to let their eyes meet and also to see her cute tits. This goes on for a while. Stepdaddy now lies down to let her take control. She gave him a head while speaking few dirty things for her stepdaddy. She gets up to shove the length of it inside her. At this time, she did most of the work. She goes around facing the other way, suck him off and do it all over again to show her stepdaddy that she can step up to make him happy. To finish this act, stepdad now slams her to the bed to pound her sloppy pussy. Little did we know, her tits can jiggle more wildly when stepdaddy gets a little rougher. He drags her now to the floor to kneel and wait for his nut. He jacks it off and let it out on her mouth. He delivers his love for Ashley by letting her swallow all of it.


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