Harmony Wonder Apologizes With Her Teenage Pussy

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Ever had so much trouble financially and your bitch of stepdaughter tip you over to your limit when she just ordered so much shit online using your credit card? This ungrateful shit better be trippin’ or else they’ll get a punishment they’ll never forget. Like the stepdad here with Harmony Wonder, a nerdy teen with a slut tendencies. Harmony is about to experience his wrath using his huge throbbing dick. But before that, like any other stages of grief, step dad sulks around his room when Harmony enters to apologize in more ways than one. To cheer up step dad, Harmony offers a massage but a very specific type of massage. This was kinda unusual at first because her massage involves her pulling out his cock for her to lick and suck. When Harmony starts doing her thing, stepdad just says ‘fuck it’ and let her continue. After a while, this turned into something more… interesting. Harmony starts stripping and mounts herself to her stepdad’s dick. She begins bouncing up and down to have her pussy pounded. She turns around to show her stepdad that even her has some nice ass she can offer. This was enough for stepdad to make stepdad in the mood. He eventually made her lie down on the bed and starts fucking her pussy with a nice intensity to it. He then made her go on all fours and continues what he’s doing, only this time, he’s about to cum. When that time came, he made Harmony kneel down and convince Mr. Cum to come out his dick. She jerks and slurps the fat dick for one last time until she got what she wanted. With this, Harmony gets out of the trouble of wasting a shitload of money but step dad got something good in return, too.


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