Norah Nova: Hitchhiking Hottie Gets Her Holes Used


Stunning Norah Nova might be delicate looking with her petite size, but she loves being tossed around and getting her holes fucked roughly. She is no stranger to handling long and thick cocks; she sucks and rides them like it was her job to do so. This dazzling brunette likes to go on adventures but has the tendency to get lost while walking around. This leads her to hitchhike, hoping that someone would take pity on her and give her a ride back home. Luckily a driver shows kindness and gives her a lift home. Norah shyly admitted that she doesn't have money to repay him, but she can do something in return for his selfless act. She guides him into her home, apologizing for the mess and taking him to her pink themed bedroom. Adorable Norah slowly tells him what she plans while she bends over to show off her blue panty-clad ass and finally asking him to use her as his fuck doll. Not beating around the bush, the kind samaritan takes up her offer eagerly. They start things off with a steamy blowjob, stopping now and then so that she could take off her clothes to reveal inches of soft skin. She sucks the stranger until he is hard as steel and aching to sink into her awaiting cunt. While on her hands and knees, Norah gives a teasing rub to his cock before sliding her panties to the side, inviting him into her delicious hole. Moans and groans surround them as they enjoy each others body, but the sexy vixen asks to take charge next. Showing off her skills, she sinks on his cock in some cowgirl position action, taking advantage of how deliciously deep the rod hits her insides. They take a little break as she gives him a quick suck and tasting herself on him. They go back to fucking like rabbits in missionary until he fills her up and covers her pussy with his hot cum.


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