Jaycee Star Tells Stepdaddy What to Do


Jaycee Star is a willing stepdaughter to give stepdaddy some guidance on his wanking. With a no touch theme and only dirty talks, Jaycee and her stepdaddy makes this little teasing into another level. Jaycee is a beauty who looks like she’s done it all. Her lusty body just hangs around that bed as she tries to show as much skin as she can. She’s wearing blue underwear and she goes around changing positions to suit her onlookers. She went from sitting down to bending over while she keeps up the dirty talk and her jerk off instructions. After a while, stepdaddy convinces her to show her tits. Being a good girl she is, Jaycee slowly takes off her tops and reveals her nice tits. She plays with them for a bit and added some nice addition in her act. Jaycee’s tits are big enough for her to be able to reach it with her tongue. Jaycee starts licking her own tits and eventually playing with her nips. After that, she lies back down and spreads her legs wide open. Jaycee continues teasing bad daddy as her fingers run around her pussy over her panties. Don’t worry though, Jaycee was nice enough to not be a fuckin’ tease for a long time. She eventually shoved her panties aside to show her shaved pussy. She continues playing with it while still making her dirty talks and jerk off instructions intact. Jaycee was aware that her fingers are not enough to satisfy herself. Even if this is jerk off instruction, it’s still a two way street. Everyone needs to get off at some point so she brings out a vibrator and uses it to make this the best it can be.


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