Riley Nixon Buzzed Headed Baby Doll


Riley Nixon


Busty teen Riley Nixon is lying comfortably in the bed when her step-daddy enters her room. She is wearing a pink crop top blouse and a pink floral skirt. Her step-father is furious at the sight of her buzz head. He asks her what happened to her hair, calling her a little boy. Riley playfully smiles at her step-dad as she tries to explain herself. Riley reminds her step-father that her mommy will be home late. He touches her big busty boobs, pinching her nipples and lightly slapping her tits. He leads her hand to his crotch. Riley becomes horny as his step-daddy teases her with his words. She pulls out his penis and starts stroking it. Her step-father commands her to take off her clothes before letting her suck on his already hard cock. Her playful tongue teases his dick. Riley sucks her step-dad’s dick aggressively. She tries to fit the whole cock into her tiny mouth before putting it between her huge breasts. She titty-fucks his dick while sucking the tip. Her step-father slightly pushes her to the bed. He pulls down her pink panties then stuffs his big dick into her tiny pussy. They fuck in a doggystyle position. Riley’s big white butt bounces a little when he pounds her hard. They continue to fuck in doggystyle before changing to cowgirl position. Riley rides his dick with her legs spread apart. Her delicious pink pussy and sagging breasts are completely visible in the camera. She continues to hump him hard before shifting her body to the reverse cowgirl position. Riley shows her twerking skills while fucking him in a reverse cowgirl. The two change their position again. They are now in a missionary position. Riley rubs her clit while enjoying the cock inside her wet pussy. He turns her around to a doggystyle. He rails her from behind before pulling out his hard cock. He strokes it directly in front of her. Riley waits patiently for his step-father’s cum. He shoots his load inside her tiny mouth. Riley swallows every single drop of his step-father’s warm semen.


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