Ashley Lane Dirty *step* Daughter Diaper Play


Ashley Lane


Teenage pervert Ashley Lane has a fantasy she wants to act out with her stepdaddy in role-play family porn where she wears a diaper and has POV sex. Her stepdaddy walks into her room to discover that she’s using a pacifier and wearing a diaper, something she hasn’t used since she was a baby, Ashley talks in baby talk and provocatively asks her stepdaddy if there’s something better that she could possibly be sucking on, her stepfather is obviously perplexed but aroused. She crawls toward her stepdaddy and retrieves his cock from his pants and like the pacifier she was sucking on before begins to suck on his thick dick, trying to fit her whole stepdaddy’s cock in her tiny mouth, but it’s too big. No matter, she strokes and licks her stepdaddy until his cock is drenched in her saliva, he’s enjoying this so much, he always wanted his stepdaughter’s mouth on his cock. Ashley sucks on his balls and strokes his shaft. Her stepdad rips off her pink diaper and admires her tight teen pink pussy, but stepdaddy wants to see her nice round ass, she turns around on all fours and he gives his stepdaughter a nice firm spank on the ass as she moans. He teases Ashley by sliding his fat cock on her young cunt, she giggles and smiles until he shoves his monstrosity into her, and she gasps loudly as her stepdaddy stretches her tiny pussy. After a couple of strokes, Ashley begs her stepdad to fuck her harder through her moans and groans, steadily his strokes grow faster and her moans grow louder and her breath gets heavier and heavier, her stepdaddy truly knows how to fuck with his massive cock. Stepdaddy fucks Ashley harder and spanks her harder like she asked, she whimpers as she is stretched, but it feels so fucking good. Her stepdaddy makes sure that Ashley knows what her pussy tastes like and makes her suck her pussy juices off of his thick dick, she licks every single drop of herself off of him and makes sure to gag and choke on his cock. He lays on her bed and she climbs on him to ride him in cowgirl, but she’s not so sure she can get her stepdaddy to fit in her, so she slowly inserts his cock into her pristine tight pink pussy, inch by inch, she moans as her stepdaddy further stretches her out and makes her feel every bit of pleasure. He rubs her clit as she rides him harder and faster, getting used to his cock, she moans loudly and shrieks as he now fucks her with ferocity. Ashley turns and rides her stepdaddy reverse cowgirl and he slaps and spanks her ass until hand marks are visible on her pale round ass. She sucks his cock to taste her pussy. Then stepdaddy fucks her hard doggystyle, she screams, moans, groans, shrieks, her stepdaddy feels too fucking good. Fuck.


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