Romi Rain Wants To Strip Like A Big Girl


Busty babe Romi Rain enters her step-father’s room wearing black laced-underwear and a bright red corset. She told him that she wants to be a stripper and needs someone to practice with. One of her friends told her that her mom’s new husband is a frequent visitor of strip clubs. Due to this, Romi thought that learning from an experienced patron is the best way to improve her skills. Romi shows her talent in teasing men. She struts closer to the bed, boasting her big boobs and thick ass. She sits on her step-dad’s lap and grinds his cock. She felt that his dick is getting harder so she kneels and worships it. She kisses the head and licks the shaft before trying to fit it whole into her mouth. Her playful tongue and mouth tickle every part of his hard penis. She strokes it with both hands as she gave her step-daddy a playful smile. Romi stands and removes all her underwear, leaving the corset behind. She sucks his cock again before guiding it into her wet pussy. She rides on top of her step-daddy and fucked him in a cowgirl position. Her shaved pussy feels tight around his cock. She spread her legs wider to make her stretched pussy more visible for her step-father. Her breasts bounce wildly every time she slides his dick to her cunt. She grinds roughly on top of him before standing up and giving him a foot job. She sucks his balls and penis. After making sure that the cock is lubricated enough with her saliva, Romi rides her step-father in a reverse cowgirl position. Her thick ass sticks out more as she bends forward. She can feel his dick go deeper into her pussy. She lets out a loud moan as she cum on his step-father’s throbbing cock. They change their position from the reverse cowgirl to a doggystyle. He fucked her from behind for quite some time. She then turns to be fucked in a missionary position. When he feels that he is about to cum, he pulled out his penis from her vagina. Romi showers with his step-father are warm cum.


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