Sadie Holmes Wants Some Quality Time


Sadie Holmes


All-natural teen Sadie Holmes is on a business trip with her step-father. She is taking a shower when her step-father suddenly opens the shower curtain. He needs to go to a business meeting and a strip club. However, Sadie has other plans. Sadie is lying on the bed. She is wearing floral top and tattered shorts. She teases her step-father but she is utterly surprised when her step-daddy reacted aggressively. He removes her top and forces her to suck his cock. Sadie is a little bit reluctant but there is nothing that this young brat can’t handle. He grabs her by the hair then shoves her face against his crotch. The two continue to exchange dirty talks while she sucks his hard dick. Her step-father turns her around. He sticks his huge cock into her tiny pussy. Sadie continues to verbally tease her while he fucks her from behind. He can feel her pussy lips wrapping tightly on his cock. They continue to fuck each other hard. He pounds her from behind, stretching out her young pussy. Sadie tastes her pussy juice off his big cock. He lets her get on top of him. The two fuck in the cowgirl position. Sadie leans back to make her pussy more visible to the camera. She rubs her clitoris while his cock slides in and out of her pussy. It didn’t take too long until Sadie creams on her step-father’s cock. She turns around then guides his cock back to her pussy. Her bubble butt ass bounces on his cock. The two changes their position once again. They are now fucking in the missionary position. He keeps pounding his cock into her wet cunt. Sadie begs for her step-daddy’s cum. He continues to fuck her in the pussy until he feels like he is about to cum. He shoots his load to her teen mouth. Sadie swallows all his semen, not wasting a single drop of his love goo.


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