Savana Styles Is In Trouble Again


Savana Styles


Busty blonde babe Savanna Styles is busy practicing for a fitness competition in her bedroom. She is wearing a pink bra and a pink tutu dress. Her father interrupts her practice to confront her. He heard that Savanna is fooling around with her step-brother when he is not around. Her step-father is not angry about the fuck that Savanna is fucking her step-brother. Instead, he is jealous. The thought of having to share her body is making him disappointed. Her step-father needs to remind her who is the alpha in the house. He will not tolerate the fact that she is also fooling around with her step-brother. He caresses her body before making her suck on his cock. Savanna sucks his cock while giving it a titty-fuck. He then shoves his cock deep inside her pussy. The two fuck in the missionary style. Savanna fondles her big boos while his cock is sliding in and out her pussy. Savanna goes on top of her step-father. They fuck in the reverse cowgirl position. Her thick ass bounces on his cock. She twerks her ass as she grinds against his crotch. Savanna tastes her pussy juice off his dick. She then turns around then sits on his cock. They fuck in the cowgirl position. She leans back to make her bushy pussy more visible to the camera. Her busty breasts bounce wildly as she cums on his cock. The two continue to fuck each other. They change their position to missionary. He keeps pounding his cock into her wet cunt until he feels like he is about to explode. He pulls out his cock and strokes it in front of her. Savanna begs for his cum. He can’t contain his feelings any longer. He unloads his cum all over her pretty face. Her step-father has re-established his dominance over her body. Savanna smiles widely as she promises to stop fucking her step-brother and focus on pleasing her step-father instead.


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